15 octombrie 2015 - Scrisoarea de solidaritate cu Statul Israel, adresata E.S. Tamar Samash, Ambasadorul Statului Israel in Romania


Oct.15, 2015


H.E. TAMAR SAMASH, Ambassador of the State of Israel in Romania


Your Excellency, 


The tragic events happening in Israel, claiming a heavy toll of human lives and producing deep suffering for the Jews hurt in the attacks and for the families of the victims, have filled the hearts of the all the Jews living in Romania with saddness and compassion.


Please allow us to express our sincere condolences with the families of the victims and our deepest solidarity with all the Israeli citizens  living in such dramatic  circumstances. Please convey the same feelings to the Israeli government,  the Police and IDF involved in fighting the attacks and trying to restore a climate of security in all Israeli towns.


We wish a speedy recovery of all people hurt in the  bloodthirsty, inhuman and unfair attacks aimed at Jewish citizens and we hope that a climate of peace and understanding will be restored in the entire Israel and in the lives of the citizens of Eretz Israel. 


Please assure the Israeli people, Government and other authorities of the feelings of solidarity of all the Jews living in Romania and transmit our best wishes of peace to our brothers and sisters in Israel.


Federation of Jewish Communities of Romania


Board of Directors


President of the Board,


Dr. Aurel Vainer, Member of the Chamber of Deputies