A.E.R.V.H. Appeal (english version)

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Motto: Gratitude is a rare flower. APPEAL            

   The Romanian Jews Association of Holocaust Victims launches an APPEAL towards the survivors or descendents of the Cernauti Jews.   

    In the autumn of the year 1941 the storm of war broke upon the jewish population of  Basarabia and Bucovina. The politics of ethnic purification by Transnistria deportation  began and in that county hundred of thousands of Jews were exterminated by hunger, cold,  illness and bullets.              

    In those terrible times, among those who defended us (and there were few then with such an attitude) was the Mayor of the city of Cernauti, Dr.Traian Popovici.              

   Thanks to his actions, a great part of the Jews of Cernauti was saved from  deportation to Transnistria. This was the reason for his destitution later from the Mayor’s function. He died in the year 1946 and for his merits The Yad Vashem Institute accorded him posthumously (in 1969) the title “The Righteous Among the Nations”.

    Included are a photograph with his face and the tomb monument from the cemetery in Fundul Moldovei (photographed with the help of FEDROM) exhibited in the little museum dedicated to the Holocaust in the Great Sinagogue – Bucuresti, 11 Vasile Adamache Street.