Hora Bucharest

Grupul de dansuri israeliene şi tradiţionale evreieşti 


Coordonator programe artistice: Silvian Horn 

Coregraf: Gabriela Bucaţică


Mihaela Nadler

Cristina Iorga 

Ailish Clim

Dara Iovitu

Isabela Marcu

Miruna Lavi

Ana Marinescu

Raluca Lazăr


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HORA Bucharest dansuri israeliene şi tradiţionale evreieşti







Hora israeli dance



The Israeli folk dance group HORA was established in 1996. Since then, we have participated in many cultural manifestations organized by the: Embassy of Israel, Romanian Presidency, Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, University of Bucharest, Jewish Theater and other Jewish organizations from Romania. 

Since December 2017, Hora has a new, improved formula under the direct umbrella of Jewish Community of Bucharest and Jewish Community Center . We raised the number of dancers, not because we need it, but because we want to make our shows even more spectacular and original.

Each year our experience grows as we are participating in different international israeli dance seminars called "Machol" which are taking place in Europe and Israel.

Our dance program includes different kinds of dances as: 

* Hasidic dances - traditional jewish dances, very rhythmic, anthems for life and which calls up the love of God through music and dance; 

* Yemenite dances - Dances of the yemenites jews, a gracefull reprezentation of the path in the desert; 

* Debkot - a vast representation of the desire to fight and win all the difficulties of life, a strong dance, full of meanings; 

* Modern Israeli dances - dances that appeared after the forming of the State of Israel and are made by Israeli choreographs with influences from the folk dances in their country of origins.
The israeli dances have both tradition and modern styles together.